Fleet Fueling

Rastall Oil Co. provides 7 day a week, 24 hour a day service fueling your fleet with the best in petroleum products. Our premium diesel has a cold filter plugging of minus 15 degrees for “Winterized” trouble-free operation. Our computerized distribution system gives our customers the most reliable and accurate measures of fuel distribution, arrival and departure time. We can E-mail your invoice directly from your location by our wireless computer system in our trucks, giving you accurate invoicing and reducing paperwork.

Our company has the best on-time scheduling, delivering fuel when you need it. Emergency fueling is always available, with a 2 hour or less turn around time.

  • All vehicle are scanned and you receive an accurate breakdown at the time of delivery or view instantly online.
  • Computerized delivery ticket showing truck number, time vehicle was fueled, gallons for each unit.
  • Access your information online through our web portal. Many reports available for you to view or download.
  • Diesel treated for winter conditions automatically.