Online Tracking & Reporting

Rastall Oil offers the flexibility and features you need to secure discounts and preferred pricing for your retail fuel purchases. But that’s just the beginning; our proprietary Fleet Cards are integrated seamlessly with a full range of fuel solutions. From full truck loads of bulk fuel and tank wagon deliveries of small bulk quantities, to onsite vehicle deliveries from our Mobile Refueling services; Rastall Oil Fleet offers the controls, discounts, and reporting that cover every gallon you burn.

Rastall Oil leverages fuel technology to provide the most advanced fleet reporting, fleet card, and asset tracking services for your business. We have developed an advanced software system that can monitor all dispersal activity on your site through dispersal monitoring equipment. This includes tracking all fleet fueling activity by driver, vehicle, organization, or transaction, and reporting that information to you. Our asset tracking and dispersal monitoring services to help you manage your fuel costs and fleet more efficiently.

Designed to Help You Manage Costs

  • Rastall Oil Fleet enables your business to minimize fraud and limit purchases on all cards.
  • Cards may be restricted to fuel-only or fuel and maintenance
  • Driver prompts help prevent fraud and let you track purchases by driver and vehicle
  • Lets you control purchases based on gallons vs. dollars spent
  • Limit driver purchases by time of day and day of week
  • Real-time exception alerts keep you aware of problem transactions when they occur
  • Manage Your Fleet Card Activity 24/7
  • Online data gives you instant access to all card usage at any time via our secure website.
  • Eliminates processing paper receipts through easy to read reports
  • Online controls let you: 1. Request new cards 2. Change driver IDs 3. Lock out users 4. Modify purchasing controls
  • Lets you track time and date of all purchases by vehicle or driver
  • Monitor purchase activity online
  • Configure custom exception tracking and alerts